Tips for those NOT attending the Tableau Conference

This post is for all of us that tried all year long to have the opportunity to attend the Tableau Conference and… it didn’t work. So, what to do now? Here are my favorite tips for such a dramatic situation.

0 | Unfollow Mark Bradbourne on Twitter

Yes, he is doing an insane countdown since he bought the first ticket to TC19 (check this amazing story here) which is just hard to follow for us that are not going.
(just joking, Mark is amazing!, never unfollow Mark!)

1 | Suck it up, it is not the end of the World

Yes it is hard, you may be feeling as the ugly duck of your team, or have a family situation that does not allow you to go, but it is time to suck it up and move on. And luckily there is plenty of stuff you can follow online. Besides that, imagine you will be able to sleep on your own bed when day end!

2 | Watch the Live Tableau Keynotes!

Tableau has announced that its keynotes will be broadcasted live. That means you can sit on your desk and check the latest news about the company and product at the same time as any other TC attende. So sit back, relax, get a cup of coffee/tea/coke/beer and enjoy, in special, Francois Ajenstad features update, the Devs on Stage amazing upcoming features and, the one and only, IRONVIZ (go go Lindsay!)

3 | Use the Tableau App to pick sessions to watch later

The Tableau App is a great option to build your session watch schedule. From previous TCs, Tableau normally makes available most of the sessions in its Youtube channel, so it is a perfect time to pick the sessions you want to watch as soon as they are released (last year sessions were available less than 24h after they happened!)

4 | Participate in Live Challenges

During TC several community based programs will be running live events that anyone can join. Here are the schedules (Las Vegas time):

5 | Follow the fun people

I know you really really wanted to be there to hang out with the fun people. Again, suck it up ok? Now that you did, then follow these amazing individuals as I am sure they will be sharing all sort of fun they are having in Vegas:

6 | Go to your local TUG to learn more

As soon as your local TUG schedules the next event, make your best to attend. Normally the TUGs will bring a summary of what happened in Vegas (and that didn’t stay in Vegas). It will be a great chance to learn about the new features that are coming to Tableau and also to learn about the fun stories people have to share.

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