Prep Tip #0 – Clean your input

I am very happy with the release of Tableau Prep (former Project Maestro) and I will start a series of posts to help  people adopt the tool and avoid some pitfalls that I faced during beta testing.

As my tip #0 I am going to describe some key features that you may skip just after uploading your first dataset to Prep. It all happens in the “Input” screen.


The main tip for today is to clean your input file from all fields that you are NOT going to use in your workflow. So here is the opportunity you have to check off the fields you don’t need on your visualization right from the start. Just uncheck the fields in the central pane and you are ready to start.

Bonus tip: You can also rename the fields right here which will save you from having to do that on your Clean step. Another tip? You can also add Filters here and, again, this will allow you to start the workflow with a neat and focused dataset.

Trust me, you will really thank me a lot when you get a nice clean screen on your first Prep step. If you are able to avoid the horizontal scroll, then you will really be on a hot start on your Prep!


Have questions about Prep? Let me know and I will be happy to share and learn along with you!

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