The World as 100 People | MakeoverMonday

For this 100th MakeoverMonday week we were presented with a viz that summarizes several aspects of humanity:


What do I like about it?

  • BAT (Big Ass Title) right in the middle of the viz leaves no doubts of what it is about.
  • Engaging design that is able to summarize 14 areas in a single chart.
  • A single word to define each category makes it looks sharp.
  • Color coding each sub-category label by underlining it with respective color.

What can be improved?

  • There is not a logical sorting of the categories on the chart. Top is Gender, bottom is Water. Maybe following a clockwise alphabetical order would help locating the category I want to quickly check.
  • Provide the same sorting within each sub-category. Maybe having the one with larger amount of people at the top (but I understand the sorting of age category being the way it is; maybe only exception).

My goals…

  • Check how this chart would look like as stacked bars.
  • Sort categories alphabetically.
  • Sort sub-categories, making all top variations at the base of the bar.
  • Use color to highlight the top sub-categories, leaving remaining ones in background.
  • Add a description of the top sub-categories within its bar to facilitate the graph reading.
  • Be quick: I had a terrible weekend with family related issues so I had very few time to finish this and then sleep…

Here is the result. Click on the image to check it on Tableau Public:

The World as 100 People




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