I made a bad viz and nobody cared…

For #MakeoverMonday week 47 we were challenged by Andy to improve the visualization from Tech Insider below:


My proposal was this “animated” viz:


And I got the following usage metrics out of it:

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 21.32.56

But then I realized by seeing Andy’s viz that all these people were looking at a big bogus viz. The lines are all ok but the labels at the end of the timeline are showing huge figures. Increase of 327% for Snapchat? Really?!?

The issue is that I was running the wrong Table Calculation for the data. I choose Percent Difference of Data already on Percent. I really wanted just the Difference, in percentage points, between the first measure and all others compared against it.

So now I have the new fixed viz (click to open on Tableau Public):


Then I reflected and asked myself: why didn’t nobody give a feedback on my original viz? I understand people are very busy nowadays but if you liked/retweeted/engaged with something I tend to believe that you at least gave a good look at it before hitting the buttons.

I personally try to give feedback when I see stuff that may be questionable. Most of the times I am uncertain if my feedback is right or wrong but I prefer to go ahead and give it. And in general I learn a lot by doing it. Sometimes I learn that I was wrong on my comment. Sometimes the target person realized that they missed something pretty obvious (the same way as I did here); and they are really happy about the feedback.

I could wait the #mmvizreview session to receive the criticism and act on it but I am glad I am lucky I saw it before Andy crushes me during the live event.

Anyway, just to wrap up, I think the beauty of #MakeoverMonday is all about being able to throw an idea out there and get feedback (positive and negative). Andy and Eva’s feedback are always great during the weekly review and wrap up, some other people like Chris Love and Steve Wexler also shared very interesting conversation about the data quality this week. I can say I learned a lot this week by following these treads. But on the other side… why nobody cared about a bad viz is still something I will try to understand later.


One thought on “I made a bad viz and nobody cared…

  1. Well for me the original labels are not wrong, it’s just another way to look at it: the Snapchat fan base got an over 300% increase, because its share in total population quadripled. Hence I wouldn’t comment! 🙂
    The metrics from the first approach do provide an insight. However in my work assignments I go with the second approach because it’s more intuitive, especially for non-technical viewers.


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