Tableau Conference 2017 – The outsider view

Tableau Conference 2017 finished last week and I would like to share the view of an outsider from the event.

First of all, I’ve attended the two previous events (TC15 and TC16). I now feel like I didn’t really attended the conference that I see people talking about on the Tableau Community. I didn’t feel this union, this family feeling, the integration, that I see resonating on Social Media when I was there in loco. Maybe because I was hanging out with my co-workers instead of meeting new people, or integrating more with this side of the conference.

For #data17 I knew in March that I would not be able to attend. My 2nd baby daughter due date was too close to the conference for me to leave home, so I’ve decided to get the best that I could from the event. And I believe that I did!

Three weeks before the conference I had the chance to participate on the Big Book of Dashboard workshop where I was able to meet some of the local DCTUG friends and also, the hosts, Jeffrey Shaffer and Steve Wexler. I was very happy to learn from them and to chat a little. Jeffrey was too kind to remember me from Twitter. Go #teamJeffrey!

As the event was getting closer I wanted to try to participate somehow so I tried to engage with the session I was expecting the most: the tips battle. I’ve put a pool on Twitter which I admit I pushed a lot. But I feel it was worth it, 37 people answered it and I love the results were that close:


Still about this session, luckily it was one of the events that would be live broadcasted so I’ve blocked my calendar and was able to watch it full. In special because the day before the event I shared the “winning tip” with Jeffrey. And he was, again, very kind to include it in the show! It is there on minute 46 of the recorded session. He even gave me a shout out. Thanks Professor!


That was awesome but more was yet to come. As I understood that both Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray were drowned in work during the conference I started to give some feedback to folks participating on #makeovermonday. I tried to give some constructive feedback to keep the conversation rolling. I feel that Andy noticed that and then asked via Twitter DM if I could help picking up the favorites. The only answer I could have was… of course coach!

It was fun to go after the favorites, and I felt very natural on it. After reading most of their recaps I believe I learned something and it was good to try to think like them and pick vizzes that follow good practices. And then I got Andy’s thumbs up for the write up and also a mention on the end-of-the week tweet. Very happy! Go #teamAndy!


So that was Tableau Conference for me. Well, in fact it is still happening as I am now able to go through the recordings and improve on my skills by watching presentations from the coolest people such as Matt Francis and Michelle Tessari.

How could I expect to have such a great week by being far away from the place I would like to be? I hope next year I can be there and hand out with all the fine people I admire through Twitter and have great laughs all together (although I don’t drink…)


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