Obesity in America: showing change over time

On this week MakeoverMonday Andy and Eva had the privilege to host a live event in Las Vegas, the perfect kick-off for the Tableau Conference 2017.

The viz in focus was the following:

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 22.53.40

So what do I think about it?

  • The title only refers to half of the chart (the map). The other half (timeline) seems disconnected from it.
  • The instructions on how to use the two charts are clear
  • The color contrast in the map makes the worse states (purple) pop up from the sear of orange-yellow ones.
  • Nice use of legend to give small states a chance to be selected.
  • Initially the timeline is just a bunch of gray lines. Maybe having one line pre-selected would illustrate better how it works.
  • Why start the timeline in 1990 if yearly data is available only after 2000? Anyway good job on spacing the 5-year gaps properly.

What were my goals?

  • Use Table Calculations to display change over time based on first year available on the data.
  • Display the last available data (which in the dataset was 2015) for each available dimension.
  • Have a simple question in the title and answer it with the main chart element, the timeline.
  • Use title as color legend.
  • Highlight the opposites states (those which displayed higher increase/decrease compared to 2011). Also leave other states in the view, in a lighter color.
  • Big annotation next to these states which allows me to hide the axis.
  • Fix the y axis on both positive and negative ends. The white space on the negative end shows that the decrease on obesity is not as strong as the increase.
  • Of course, highlight actions on the timeline.

Here is the viz for this week!

Obesity in America Data17

Note: for full experience please download the Avenir font.


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