Before & After BREXIT vote

This week #makeovermonday was about the impact of BREXIT referendum over the United Kingdom economy (based on the GDP change by quarter). The original viz was published by Financial Times:


What I like about this chart:

  • Title: Short and to the point. Sub-title: clever using the chart measure to clear it up from the axis.
  • Color: the use of red to highlight UK, the news focus. Also keeping all other countries on background by using a neutral color (light gray)
  • Source: Citing the source at the bottom

What I think it could be improved:

  • Why not adding 2017 Q2 of other G7 countries? I really don’t know if UK did well or not there.
  • Inconsistent axis: 2016 or 17? Make up your mind and keep consistency.
  • Title: They could have used the title as color legend by simply coloring UK with same red on the chart.
  • Tooltips: I miss having tooltips that would allow me to know more about each mark. I understand the print version can’t have this, but I expect a little interactivity on online vizzes.

What were my objectives:

  • Bring elements from the news into the viz so that it could live by its own. For that I enhanced the title, color coded United Kingdom and also added annotations from key quarters.
  • Bring more data to the viz so comparison could be a bit more relevant. I opted to pick the 3 months before and after the Brexit vote for that. I also added a highlight before and after because that’s all I wanted people to quickly see on the viz.
  • Adding a trend line to quick summarize the ups and downs of UK economy during the period The trend line was misleading following the feedback from Andy and Eva.
  • Add interactivity by using hover action to highlight each line and displaying the country and the value associate to each quarter on the viz.
  • Formatted axis to display quarter and year consistently and also to keep the measure on the viz.
  • Keep it on branding: I love to follow brands and match their designs!

Here is the final result (click to access on Tableau Public):

The UK economy since Brexit


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