TooltipTuesday: @mikeviznero

For some reason that is hard to explain I like Tooltips. I feel I see them as hidden data treasures that I can discover by just putting my mouse over a viz. And I love to find contextualized information without having to do anything for it.

So today I started the #TooltipTuesday on Twitter as a way to give some spotlight to this feature and as a way to engage people to go beyond the defaults (specially in Tableau).

I’ve selected the following tooltip from @mikeviznero viz “Oil and Gold: Expensive Stuff from the Ground” for #makeovermonday:


What I like about this tooltip:

  • Nice big numbers
  • Colors matching the ones representing Oil and Gold from the viz
  • Contextual information, plain and simple (e.g. relation to max price of each product)
  • The sentence at the bottom gives me an extra analysis that is not easy to see from the viz itself.

As a bonus Miguel also gives us a tooltip-like-help icon at the viz which is great to help people like me to understand how to consume all the information available there.


Just a fantastic tooltip job on a great viz!


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