Visualitically Incorrect

For this week’s #makeovermonday we were challenged to improve the following viz:


When I first looked at this I felt highly disgusted by its shape (as it looks like amebas having some kind of threesome) but most importantly by the vocabulary on the viz itself.

WTF does the author mean by “Poor need to change their life approach”? And what is the definition of poor/rich here after all? The only poor I see, for sure, is the author of this mess.

Besides that, it is hard to give any scientific value to this as very little is shared about its methodology. Where/When was the questionnaire applied? How many people were interviewed for each group?

My approach was then to polish all I could about the viz to make it, at least, not offend anyone. First I’ve replaced the groups by socio-economic ones, based on their income (Low, Medium and High). I also simplified the “reason” to mostly a single word to facilitate reading and saving screens space for the visual.

Next it was time to build the viz so I opted to use a lollipop chart (one of my favorites). I like lollipops because they allow me to seamless add the numbers on the chart. Finally I’ve added annotations to highlight the reason that was the top for each surveyed group.

Last but not least I added some nice highlight actions that allows me to compare quickly each reason among the three groups. Personally it is just simpler to analyze the data using these resources easily configurable in Tableau. Here is the final product:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 22.48.16

Oh before I forget, I also preferred to use the question that was asked to participants as the title of the viz. And I hope the viz itself helps viewers to see and get their own answers out of the data.


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