Can I Tableau That (1)?

As part of this week’s #makeovermonday we were challenged to re-visualize this Business Insider chart about March Madness:


I could list all that is bad about this but I will leave this to Andy’s blogpost. Instead I asked myself if I could re-do this viz in Tableau, regardless of its quality. Could I learn something by doing it? Would it only be a waste of time?

Bad news, I was able to re-do it in Tableau! Good news, I learned something!!

Forget about the text and imagery, I am going to focus on the stacked bar chart. It was pretty straightforward to almost do it in Tableau. Filter by Round (Elite Eight), Year pill to Columns, Winning Seed (Measure) to Rows and Winning Seed (Dimension) to Color. After some color and formatting my chart ended up like this:


What is missing? I can see that all #1 seeds are in yellow and the original viz had it differently. So after banging my head a bit in Tableau I decided to ask the community a question. And some data wizardy happened (thanks to Lindsey):

So I tried to follow the tip, built the Index() field, configured the table calculation and I got almost there:


I tried to bother Lindsay a bit more but it was damn late so I started playing trying and error with Table Calculations and I found the Custom Sorting option. After some more try and error I set the sorting to be by Winning Seed, Count, Descending …

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 23.11.40

… and “voila” I got it done:


It looks much better than the original right? Well, never mind.

As I feel WorkoutWednesday is a bit too complex for me I may continue to try to learn by #tableauing the vizzes I see around, like the ones from MakeoverMonday.


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