Mind that Goose! #makeovermonday

For this week’s MakeoverMonday I tried to find a different angle from the original Viz. Here is my entry:

Airplane Pilots! Be aware of the Canada Goose!

And I found the story I wanted to tell only when I was able to see the outliers listed in the scatterplot. For some surreal reason the Canada Goose is the bird that caused more financial damage (124M dollars), and it did all that by being part of only 1485 events. That’s +83K dollars per strike. Also I found out that Canada Goose strikes mostly happen in New York state (150).

I highlighted both these facts by annotating them on the Viz to make it easy for readers to understand the story I wanted to tell. If you are a pilot and you are flying New York state, please mind these goose, they can cause really trouble!

I also found some good news. 61% of strikes result in no damages. So I put that as a footnote and used a stacked bar chart to list the 3 event status: damage, not known and no damage.

I hope you enjoy 🙂


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