Can I make that Time Filter automatic?

This is a quick one as I just checked in the Tableau Conference 2016 in Austin Texas.

I have several Vizes based on Google Analytics data and one feature I like to offer users is a timeline to filter data by the range of date they like to analyze. My biggest issue with Tableau time ranges filters is that once you set a start/end date, those are fixed forever. If the data increases every day, my timeline gets frozen in the past. And that’s not the experience users are expecting.

So I’ve contacted Tableau support: Can I make my end date of my date range update automatically as my dataset grows? And surprisingly this wasn’t a feature available and my “idea” would be considered as an enhancement for the future.

I could not believe that so I explored the Time filter configurations and I found something very “Special” on it:


By selecting  “All values” I can make what I wanter. The time filter will always consider all dates available. So if my dataset contains a new day, the filter will reflect that.

This is a hidden secret that I found in Tableau. I hope it can help improving the experience of your users though your data!

Enjoy #data16 everyone!


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